Top 10 10 KNOWN REASONS FOR Going Veggie
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Now do not get me incorrect, eating vegetarian or vegan can be hugely healthy-that's what this post is about! For many people, though, it's not. It is because eating a nourishing (as in, providing complete nutrition) plant-based diet is challenging for an organism that designed and improved to a diet plan that contained beef, and requires careful planning. Without that planning, the clear markers of health may improve (like weight), but hidden markers (like the status of vitamins, mineral deposits, essential excess fat, and protein) decline, eventually resulting in malaise. When this happens, it becomes much better to abandon a diet plan for whatever reason seems convenient at the time.punk rock vegetarians

First, most of us are unable to absorb nutrition not only because of the wasteland that has become our microbiome (repair ecology for our gut microbiota anyone?), but also because we are all inherently different and so absorb nutrients in another way. Check out the studies on how bioavailable flax oil is for a lot of people for instance. Animal products have historically been nourishing and incredibly bioavailable foods for millennia. To consume otherwise without several generations of healthy real human offspring as proof nutritional absorption and nourishment can be an experiment.

Vegans would almost certainly buy into the moral discussion but would probably add that, unlike dairy and eggs, crops contain no cholesterol and most flower foods have little 'saturated excess fat' (a kind of excess fat that is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease). But it will probably be worth noting that coconut oil and palm essential oil are exceptions, for the reason that most of system.drawing.bitmap from these plant foods is saturated.